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Memorial created 11-16-2006 by
Kay Scruggs
Joshua Lee Scruggs
October 23 1987 - March 20 2006


Three Brothers

We were brothers,
We hung through think and thin.
We were brothers,
Josh, Chris and Lyn.

We made our share of mischief,
But nothing really bad.
We had our ups and downs
Like brother's often had.

Lyn was the oldest
And quick upon his feet,
When Mom and Dad had questions
Lyn was first to speak.

Chris was the middle man,
He tried to fill the gap.
He was second questioned
When Mom and Dad had doubt.

Josh was the youngest
And last to be had.
He always told the truth
When it come to Mom and Dad.

We were brothers,
We loved, we laughed, we cried.
Nothing could come between us,
We thought this all our lives.

We thought we had forever,
Our lives we'd always share.
We didn't think a day would come
That one of us would not be there.

We counted on each other
And each had the strength of three.
For where you saw one,
The other two you'd see.

Lyn was the first to get married,
When he met the girl of his dreams.
Three children would follow,
Cassie, Jared and Tresley.

Chris wasn't far behind Lyn
When he gave his heart to someone.
Two children would follow,
Lucas and Donivan.

This left Josh home alone
But his brothers he often did see.
And though they lived apart,
They still had the strength of three.

One day Josh became ill,
But the doctors did not think much.
Maybe a pinched nerve,
A sprain or strain or such.

But his pain got worse,
Instead of going away.
So tests were scheduled
That very next day.

A large mass was seen
At the base of his spine.
A biopsy would be needed
With no waste of time.

Months of chemo followed
And such sickness he had inside.
One brother fought cancer
With two by his side

A seventeen hour operation
Would it save his life?
We didn't know
But we had to try.

Remission was next,
A year he was free.
Two brothers joined one
And again they were three.

Without warning, again it came,
Like a serpent in the night.
Cancer came back
Again he must fight

This time it was different,
His body so frail,
Treatments would cause
His organs to fail.

He fought so hard,
His battle was brave
But the strength of three
His life could not save

Cancer proclaimed his body
But his spirit was free
And still two brothers
Have the strength of three

Death can not take
What the soul has made
Three brothers forever
Come what may.

Author/Written By:
Mom & Dad
For Our Three Sons



Boys build a snow man, or least half of one.

In Loving Memory
Of My Borrowed Angel
Josh Scruggs


Yesterday it was someone else's child.
Today it was mine.
Don't let it be yours tomorrow.

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