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Memorial created 11-16-2006 by
Kay Scruggs
Joshua Lee Scruggs
October 23 1987 - March 20 2006

Its so hard to believe its been 5 years since we've seen your smiling face. Each day passing does not take us farther from you: Each day  passing only brings us one day closer to you. We miss you so much and forever love you.

                            Your Mom & Dad


To never see a tear
Or ever comfort a fear
Your memory I will hold near
And your voice I long to hear
As I sit and shed this tear
Know that my soul is near.


How precious you looked in your sleep,
Peaceful, calm and full of grace.
Such memories still make me weep.
Especially your once smiling face.

Five years ago you were laid to rest,
I still break down and cry
The day God called you home
A part of me also died.


I miss you, miss you so bad
I don't forget you, oh it's so sad
I hope you can hear me
I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same


Dear Josh,

I wish I could hold you one last time and tell you how sorry I am for the Texas argument. I was just afraid of losing you son. I never meant to hurt your feelings. But Im so sorry now, I wish me and you both climbed the fence and fished away! Together!


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