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Kay Scruggs
Joshua Lee Scruggs
October 23 1987 - March 20 2006

Christmas Memories
An Angel In Heaven

There's a very special place
Beyond the skies above
Somewhere very peaceful
Full of light and love

That special place is Heaven
Where you're free to laugh and roam
It was your time to go there
So the Angels took you home

And though you're in our thoughts
Every day throughout the year
At special times like Christmas
All we wish for is that you could be here

Now you're in a better place
Your soul is laid to rest
Safe with all the Angels
For they only take the best



I've asked an Angel in Heaven
In a special Christmas prayer
To protect you as you're sleeping
And to tend you with great care

For I felt such pain and heartache
When you left me far behind
And throughout the celebrations
You'll be very much in the front of my mind

My tears are always falling
Peace and solace can never be found
When I find a pure white feather
I know you're spirit is close around

That’s when I know for certain
By this sign from above
That an Angel's wings surround you
With everlasting love


Merry Christmas In Heaven

Our Precious Angel


“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”


I wonder what

Christmas in Heaven is Like


We love you our precious son and one day we will see you again!


My Christmas Prayer

Guardian Angel from heaven so bright,
Please watch over him day and night,
Fold thy wings round him and guard him with love,
Always tell him I love him though he is in heaven above.


 Misty Christmas Memories

Gentle snowflakes touch my face
As a tear trails down my cheek
Among crowds and glistening tinsel
Your face, I once more seek.

Another year has come to pass
With not one glimpse of you
Except in dreams, you visit me
In shades of hazy blue.

Christmas time will soon be here
I long to see your face
Just once again, to see your smile
And dream of your embrace.

Christmas time is all boxed up
In tones of purple hue
It's wrapped in misty memories
And laced with thoughts of you.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson





 December hasn't changed
 This town looks the same
 They still light that tree in the city square
 There's red, white and green shining everywhere
 And I wish you were here
 And I wonder
Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold?
Are the mansions all covered in white?
Are you singing with angels Silent Night?
I wonder . . . what Christmas in Heaven is like?
And there's a little manger scene
 Down on Third and Main
 I must have walked right by it a thousand times
 I see even now in a different light
 Cause I know you are there
 And I wonder?
Are you nearing the Shepherd before you now
 Can you reach out and touch His face?
 Are you part of the glorious holy night?
 I wonder . . . what Christmas in Heaven is like
Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold?
Are the mansions all covered in white?
Are you singing with angels Silent Night?
I wonder . . . what Christmas in Heaven is like 


~ by Christine Ross

I took a walk on Christmas day
In the cool crisp winter air.
The trees bowed down before me
And they whispered in my ear.

"Walk lightly on the pathway.
Tip-toe quietly as you go.
Remember all the days gone by
Of the life you used to know"

Along the path were Christmas trees
And stars and angel wings,
Toys for little children
But no children could be seen.

Bright red bows and Christmas wreaths
And flowers all around,
Big brass horns and jingle bells
Although they made no sound.

Manger scenes and ornaments
And little twinkle lights,
Santa Clause and reindeer,
That didn't come last night.

Decorations everywhere,
It was Christmas at this place.
All was well until I felt
A teardrop on my face.

I walked lightly on the pathway.
I tip-toed quietly as I prayed.
Then I looked down and saw it...
My child's name upon the grave.

"It's Christmas", whispered all the trees
To the graveyard names below.
..And I remembered days gone by
Of the life I used to know.

Visit her page at http://www.lucaschristopherross.net/

© 2007 - Christine Ross
~ in memory of Lucas Christopher Ross 1979 - 2001
Published by LIVING WITH LOSS magazine
Winter 2009, Volume 24 No. 4
Bereavement Publications, Inc.


Every morning I wake up
You’re the first thing that comes to mind
So very often I sit and recall
The dreams of you I had last night

Sometimes they are good dreams
Those are the ones I lavish most of all
But others are nightmares
Where cancer is the demon that comes to call

As Christmas time approaches
My heart breaks in every way
To know that your chair will be empty
When we sit down on Christmas day

Still there will be a gift for you
I pray you can see it from above
It will be filled with letters
From so many that you loved

I'll place it on your grave
Perhaps you'll see me there
Maybe drop me an Angel feather
Would be an answer to my Christmas prayer

I love you my precious son
And one day I’ll be with you
We will spend Christmases together then
And celebrate with Jesus too
@By Mom for Josh



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